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Weiss Financial Ratings

Friday August 25th, 2023

The Dauphin County Library System acquired a new financial ratings product earlier this year called Weiss Financial Ratings.  This new resource replaced Morningstar Financial in February 2023 and offers more than just stock information. 



This image and the link to the product can be found on two different webpages. 


General Research Page for DCLS  Databases 





  • On the DCLS homepage, under  the Research & Resources Menu, click on Research 



Business and Investment Tools Page 



  • Found from this web address: 





  • On the DCLS homepage, under the Research & Resources Menu, click on Business and Investment Tools 




The Weiss Product : 


  • Is available for use in or outside of The Library.  

  • Unlike Morningstar, there is no limit to the number of users at any one time  

  • Login with your Dauphin County Library card number and pin when initially setting up a personal account to customize your search information OR when using away from The Library.    

  • For use of Weiss outside of The Library, you need to first create 

 an account with email information and pin @ one of the Dauphin County Libraries 




The Weiss Product Offers: 


  • Details on Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds. 

  • Strength ratings for Banks, Credit Unions and Insurance Companies – meaning, whether the institution is currently considered to be fiscally sound or not. 

  • Information on Medigap Supplemental insurance with comparisons for rates and plan benefits in all 50 states.  (Note: this does not include information about Medicare Advantage coverage.) 

  • Articles from Weiss Ratings on timely investment, banking and insurance topics. 

  • Links to e-book titles on Financial topics of all kinds.  These e-books don’t require being checked out, simply click on the title to use at any time – no waiting to access 

  • Consumer Guides 

  • Planning for the Future 

  • How to Become an Investor 

  • Financial Literacy Basics 


Have Questions on How to Use?  


On the Weiss Financial Ratings Home Page menu bar, click on AboutThen click on How to use the Video Library 


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