• Hidden figures : the untold true story of four African-American women who helped launch our nation into space      - http://dcls-mt.iii.com/iii/encore/record/C__Rb1344029__SHidden%20figures%20%3A%20the%20untold%20true%20story%20of%20four%20African-American%20women%20who%20helped%20launch%20our%20nation%20into%20space__Orightresult__U__X4?lang=eng&suite=cobalt  - [ ] The many faces of Josephine Baker : dancer, singer, activist, spy  Double victory : how African American women broke race and gender barriers to help win World War II FlygirlBlack lives matter 

    The March against fear : the last great walk of the civil rights movement and the emergence of Black power  My name is not Friday  In the shadow of Liberty : the hidden history of slavery, four presidents, and five black lives Blood brother : Jonathan Daniels and his sacrifice for civil rights     - http://dcls-mt.iii.com/iii/encore/record/C__Rb1336221__SBlood%20brother%20%3A%20Jonathan%20Daniels%20and%20his%20sacrifice%20for%20civil%20rights__Orightresult__U__X4?lang=eng&suite=cobalt  - [
    Turning 15 on the road to freedom : my story of the Selma Voting Rights March  The game of Love and Death      - http://dcls-mt.iii.com/iii/encore/record/C__Rb1330515__SThe%20game%20of%20Love%20and%20Death__Orightresult__U__X7?lang=eng&suite=cobalt  - [ ] River runs deep Out of darknessJuba
    All American boys  This way home  When I was the greatest The Freedom Summer murdersThe crossover : a basketball novel

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