• Dr. Dewrong's Exploding Table Adventure

    "Thank you so much!" he says.

    Dr. Dewrong shakes your hand. He is still covered in ash from the explosion.

    "I really need the help," he says. "I can't make it through one simple experiment without something going wrong."

    You agree. This room looks like a bomb went off. The whole office is covered in supplies like pens, pencils, paperclips, paper and odd little cards. You notice that one card is pinned on the corkboard on the wall.

    letter d exploded

    "Ha ha ha!" he says, looking over your shoulder and letting out a throaty laugh that sounds like Santa Claus. "I guess that's appropriate."

     board 0 explosion

    "I am learning as much about science as I can," Dr. Dewrong says. "I'm working on 10 experiments. There are 10 questions I need to answer. I need your help to finish. You're my only hope! Do you know a lot about science?"

    You nod, as Dr. Dewrong continues. The man hasn't stopped moving — or talking —­ since you met him.

    "I have a high-powered telescope. I want to know everything there is to know about the stars. My goal is to find life on other planets. Let's go outside and take a look."

    Dr. Dewrong leads you out of his room, through the doorway marked "Roof Access: Staff Only," and up a staircase. There isn't a lot of light in the passage and the stairs are creaky. Are you rethinking joining the scientist on this journey yet?

    Dr. Dewrong opens a door, letting a blast of wind and sunlight into the stairwell. You step out onto the roof and he leads you closer to the edge, where a telescope is positioned.

    adventure astronomy

    "Now isn't the best time to be looking at the stars," he jokes to himself, spinning the eyepiece in circles. He knocks into the telescope as he turns to face you. He fumbles with the toppling telescope a few seconds before steadying it. He motions for you to come closer and take a look.

    "I bet you'll know this one without looking into the telescope," he says, handing you a card from his coat pocket.

     letter a astronomy

    "Can you help me answer this question?" he asks.

Which arm of the galaxy contains our solar system?

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