• Hoopla Streaming Music Survey

    1. Do you check out music CDs from The Library? If yes, how many do you check out at a time?


    2. Do you place music CDs on hold through the library catalog or at the checkout desk? If yes, how many each month, on average?


    3. Do you stream music through services like Pandora or Spotify on your home computer or mobile device(s)?


    4. The Library is currently investigating adding a service called Hoopla in addition to still offering music CDs in our libraries. Hoopla would allow you to stream entire albums through their website and mobile app. Would you be interested in streaming albums through this free library service?


    5. Many popular titles are available for streaming on release date through Hoopla, and they allow simultaneous access. This means that you would have no wait time for the streaming version, but the library would buy fewer copies of those albums for its shelves. Would you be willing to wait longer for a physical copy if you had the option to stream the album in the meantime?


    6. Due to the expense of making Hoopla available, we would be able to offer a maximum of 3 checkouts (albums) per month per person. Does this negatively or positively affect your opinion of The Library spending money on this service instead of more copies of CDs?


    7. Based on this information, I think The Library should add Hoopla to its list of free services.


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