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The Librarian’s Office
Presented by M. Elizabeth Sandel and Carolyn Anderson

Kathryn (Kay) Witmer Sandel was born and raised in Hummelstown. Valedictorian of the Hummelstown High School Class of 1929, she earned an undergraduate degree from Lebanon Valley College and a graduate degree in library science from Syracuse University. Kay began her career as high school librarian at the Hershey Industrial School (now Milton Hershey School). In the early 1950s, she was one of the founders and first librarian of the earliest Hummelstown Library, housed in a basement on the Center Square. When the Lower Dauphin High School opened in 1960, Kay was again the first librarian.

Kay met George, a Bucknell University graduate and English teacher, at the Hershey Industrial School. They married after World War II and raised two daughters just a block from the new library. In the 1960s, George earned a masters degree in library science from Drexel University and became the first librarian at Catherine Hall, Milton Hershey School’s middle school. He also led the fund-raising effort when the Hummelstown Library expanded its facilities in the 1980’s. Over many decades Kay and George donated countless hours in community service to improve life for Hummelstown’s residents, for which both were recognized in 1984 with the Lion’s Club Honor Citizen of the Year Award.

George and Kay loved reading and valued life-long learning. Lynn and Betsy’s earliest childhood memories include weekly trips to the library, first being read to, then learning to read, and later using libraries to gather information for school projects and papers. Libraries were central to life in the Sandel family.

In appreciation of their parents’ commitment to libraries and learning, the Sandel daughters have donated the Librarian’s Office of the Library. There seems no better choice to honor the memory of these two quintessential librarians.