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Named Areas at the Library

William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library

Anna M. Rintz Community Room
Presented by the Benjamin Olewine III Family

Benjamin Olewine III and his family made a lead gift to the original “Libraries are for LIFE” Capital Campaign, earmarking the funds to be used for the new Hummelstown library when it was built. The gift was made in memory of Anna M. Rintz, Ben Olewine’s aunt.

Anna Rintz owned and operated a confectionary store at the corner of Water & Main Streets for about 40 years. She hired local teens to help in the storefront, and the kitchen behind the storefront became a place where teens gathered to talk and play piano. Situated just a block from the elementary school, Anna helped the neighborhood children learn math by way of penny candy. Anna’s ties to the new library are many. She enjoyed reading, she ate at the National Hotel, and she sponsored a league at the former bowling alley, where she also bowled herself. In fitting tribute, the upper level community meeting room will be named in her memory.

After reading that the Connecting the Community in the Heart of Hummelstown capital campaign was still seeking gifts to try and meet goal in a difficult economic climate, Mr. Olewine contacted the library system and offered a second gift to the effort, bringing the campaign to its goal and encouraging others to continue to give. The Olewine family’s generous support of the library and of the general community has been an inspiration and will be appreciated by many generations to come.