The Dauphin County Library System : Open for Discovery

Named Areas at the Library

William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library

Additional Named Spaces & Equipment
In addition to the other lead gifts, many other generous donors named spaces and equipment within the new library:

Reader’s Garden             
Presented In Memory of Grace Shuey Sponaugle
Conference Room          
Presented by Josiah W. & Bessie H. Kline Foundation, Inc.
Childrens’ Computers and Assistive Equipment
Presented by The Kirman Family, Kirman Eye, K-Optical
Youth Services Office    
Presented by John Moyer & Family
In Memory of Christine S. Moyer
Teen Computers             
Presented by 128 ½ A Hair Salon
In Honor of Mykah & Elijah Macfarlane
Media Center   
Presented by The Dahmus Family
Youth Services Desk      
Presented by Mayor & Mrs. Bradley Miller “In Honor of Our Children” Matthew & Brooke Miller
Presented in Loving Memory of Chester and Kathryn Ebersole By Their Son and His Wife, Dr. Harold & Beulah Ebersole
Book Return      
Presented by Jerry & Carol Ann Kling
Community Bulletin Board          
Presented by Rosemary & Bill Jackson, THE SUN
Entry Lobby Display Case             
Presented by The Ammon Bell Family
In Memory of Dr. Karl A. Bell

2nd Floor Display Case                  
Presented by Hummelstown Area Historical Society