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Brick Donors

William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library

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Single Brick Donors

Russell & Peggy Ackerman
The Wappman Family
Russ and Peggy Ackerman

Pat & Peg Allen
Pat & Peg Allen

Jane Alwine
In memory of Jack L. Alwine

Ellen Travis Anderson
Ellen T. Anderson Reader

American Legion Auxiliary Post #265
American Legion Aux Unit #265

Miriam E. Baker
In memory of Mel Baker
In memory of Andy Jakubik

Balint & Kim Balog
Balog Family

Kay Beamer
Peter Hartwell

The Beaver Family
In memory of Reece Kelley

Donald & Sandy Bell
Donald, Sandy & Matthew Bell

Jean Bell
In memory of Guy E. Bell

Janice Best
Derek A. Best

Lisa & Scott Bitterman
The Bitterman Family

William & Linda Bodero
William & Linda Bodero

James E. & Darlene V. Bouch
James & Darlene Bouch and Family

Lanny Boykin
Ashley Chad Vickie Lanny Boykin

Jack & Betty Breidenstine
Betty and Jack Breidenstine

Roger & Colleen Brock
Adam Brock
Nathan Brock
Emilee Brock

Janet Calhoon
Dr. Calhoon Chiropractor

Stephen Canis
Dr. Stephen J. Canis

Brian & Tina Carl
Brian Tina Josh and Nathan Carl

Ed & Barb Carney
Ed & Barb Carney

James Carlin
Tom & Sam Carlin

Barbara H. Carlton
In Loving Memory of Robert F. Carlton

Craig & Rebecca Cassel
Cassel Family C, B, E and A

Sara Jane Cate
In memory of Donald J. Cate
Sara Jane Cate and Beth Cate

Frederick & Carolyn Chance
Fred Chance Lynn Chance

Amy Beth Clark-Grubb
Logan and Conor Clark Grubb

Angela M. Coldsmith
Angela M. Coldsmith

Conewago Elementary
Conewago Elementary

Sandra Coomes
In memory of James Coomes

Robert & Janiece Crovella
Janeice & Bob Crovella

Frederick & Susan Davis
Frederick and Susan Davis

Todd & Julie Deboard
The Deboard Family

Gertrude Deitman
In memory of Evelyn T Martin

Bob & Mary Pat DeWitt
Bob & Mary Pat DeWitt

Angela Dickinson
Annie & Emma Dickinson

Amanda & Patrick Donohue
The Donohue Family

Oliver & Tanya Dreon
The Dreon Family

John & Pamela Duignan
Duignan-Pollock Family

Jenny Dunkinson
Jenny & Isaac Dunkinson

Peter & Angela Durantine
Emma and Elijah Durantine

Helen & Maurice Durfee
In memory of Rose Walmer Sipe

Naomi Early
Naomi Early

Mark & Kim Elicker
Be curious like George. Read.

Jason & Lisa Ernest
Jason & Lisa Ernest

Catherine Eshenour
In memory of Jack R. Eshenour

Richard & Nadine Espenshade
Rich Espenshade Family

Paul & Paula Esposito
The Esposito Family

The Estes Family –
Nathan, Stephanie, Katie,
Michael & Nicole
The Estes Family

Janet F. Evans
Katie, Kristi and Scott Evans

Barbara Falk
Barbara Falk

Peter & Doris Feil
The Feils

Blanche Fenner
FL & Blanche Fenner
Connie Fran Karen

Aidan, Leah and Sean Ferguson
Aidan, Leah and Sean Ferguson

Dan & Pat Fisher
Dan & Pat Fisher

Todd & Nancy Fisher
Mason Hollenbush

James, Joella, & Drew Frentz
The Frentz Family

Pauline Fultz
In memory of Jeffrey W. Fultz

Mr. & Mrs. Cory Funk
In memory of Dorothy Lesser

Teresa Ganse
Abigail & Ethan Ganse

Jon & Sue Gardner
Bill and Mary Bolton Campbell

Jason & Katie Garver
Jason & Katie Garver

The Gary Garver Family
Garver Family Trend Vending Co.

Dave & Suzie Gloeckler
The Gloeckler Family

Matthew & Courtney Gordon
Courtney & Matthew Gordon

Steve & Tracie Gotshall
** The Gotshall Family **

Grassworks, Inc.
Amy & Kelly Palmer 2009

Irma Graybill
In memory of Leo R. Graybill

John & Angie Gregg
The Gregg Girls
Sylvana & Elaria

Shirley & Scott Gregory
The Gregory’s Shirley & Scott

Barbara J. Grespin
The Grespins

Fred W. & Erika Groff
Fred W. & Erika Groff Families

Julie Groh
The Groh’s John Tim Jeff

Donald & Jean Groome
Jean and Donald Groome

Don & Maryann Grove
Don & Maryann Grove

George Groves
Jimmie & George Groves

Justin & Jessica Hanula
Sarah and Connor Hanula

Wayne & Cheryl Harner
In honor of Leyna M Harner

Tim & Marcia Harney
Tim and Marcia Harney

Bruce & Stevie Hartman
Bruce Hartman Stevie Hartman

William Heffley
In memory of Ellen K Heffley

Linda Heilman
Cora & Ellie Heilman

Chip & Kim Hitz
Chip and Kim Hitz

Ed Hoffman Family
Ed, Laura, Kyle and Claire

Renee Houser
Make a difference! Renee Houser

Brian & Jennifer Hurter
Brian and Jen Hurter

John & Pat Ignatosky
Ignatosky Family

Lana L. Karl
Lana L. Karl & her critters

Esther Kauffman
Rudolph/Irene Petrina

David & Milly Keefer
Milly & David Keefer

The Darin Kehler Family
We Love Reading The Kehlers 08

Ajay & Jamie Ketty
Kaiden V Ketty

Peter & Angela Key
The Key Family

Sheila Kieffer
Travis Walborn
Jesse Walborn

Nelda Kinley
Wilbur and Nelda Kinley

George Kline
Grace S. Kline

Rebecca Kline
Kline Family D-R-B-J-B-G

Jerry & Carol Ann Kling
Carol & Jerry Kling

Charles & Ruth Klinger
The Klingers Charles Ruth

Robert & Karen Klock
The Klock Family

Carol Knight
Honoring The Thomas Family
Honoring The Zerfoss Family

Ann & Jay Kopp
Ann & Jay Kopp Wyatt & Josie Yeakle

Charles Lang & Margaret Wojnar
The Lang Family

Learning Express Nursery School
Learning Express Nursery School

Larry & Frances Leonard
Frances Leonard Larry Leonard

Londonderry Elementary
Londonderry Elementary

Graydon & Shirley Look
Graydon H. & Shirley J. Look

Ralph & Melody Lovelidge
The Lovelidge Family

Londonderry School
Londonderry School

Lower Dauphin Alumni Association
Lower Dauphin Alumni Association

Lower Dauphin Middle School
LDMS Blue Team
LDMS Gold Team
Mr. Lister’s Homeroom LDMS

The Lugovich Family
The Lugovich Family

M & S Auto Center
M & S Auto Center Myron & Steve

R. Malick Family
Malick Family

Dorothy Malone
Dorothy M Malone

The Manada Conservancy
The Manada Conservancy

Ernest & Sandra Manders
The Manders Family

Wilbert & Geraldine Mansberger
WH & GC Mansberger

Marine Corps League – Bob Smith Detachment #784
Marine Corps League Det #784

Morris R. Martin
Morris R Martin July 2008

Ronald & Carol Martin
Tony and Josh Dorazio

Richard & Darlene Martz
Richard W Martz Darlene D Martz

Lewis R. Maurer
Lewis Maurer

Mark & Dawn McCormick
Dawn Sean Mark & Luke McCormick

Frederick & Barbara McGarvey
The Gaffneys Fred & Dorothy

Deborah Megoulas
Ann Marie & Debbie Megoulas

Patrick & Lisa Metz
The Metz Family loves this town

Jennifer Millhimes
Trevor & Ty Millhimes

Richard & Connie Moore
XOX Gail Forney Happy B-day C&R

Joan J. Motter
Joan J. Motter

Lori Nyce
Lori Ann Nyce I Love Books

Nye Elementary School
Nye Elementary School

Andrew & Carol Ann O'Donnell
Andrew & Carol Ann O’Donnell

Reginald & June Ohlson
Reg & June Ohlson

Gloria Olszewski
Gloria V Olszewski

David & Carol Ori
David and Carol Ori

Dan & Ann Panchik
Dan, Ann and Alec Panchik

Lorne & Jane Patrick
Eric & Janet Patrick
In memory of Shirley Patrick

John & Deb Payne
Rep. John & Deb Payne – 2009

John & Rebecca Peake
Read & Learn The Peakes

Ed Peterson Family
Ye Enter Here & Forever Learn

Lindsay Pollock & Ryan Burk
Lindsay Pollock & Ryan Burk

Albert & Lynn Porter
Al & Lynn Porter Kate, Rob, Anne

Judith Price
Gillian & Avery Price

Mark & Tami Radecke
Wayne & Shirley Breckenmaker

Louis & Esther Rathfon
Louie & Esther Rathfon
Judy & Chris Rathfon

Charles & Diana Reed
Charles & Diana Reed

Michael & Kimberly Reeder
The Reeder Family

Charles & Fay Rhoads
Charles and Fay Rhoads
In memory of Shirley Patrick

Jack & Susan Rhoads
Jack and Sue Rhoads

Burr & Carol Rhodes
Burr & Carol Rhodes

Karen Rider
In memory of M. Jane Kaylor
In honor of Emmett H Kaylor

Steve & Linda Rose
Emily Rose
Kevin Rose

Lillian Russell
In memory of Richard Russell

Bernard & Rosalie Sarfert
Rosalie, Leanna Ben Sarfert, Sr.

Frank & Barbara Savini
Frank & Barbara Savini

Patricia Schan
Patricia Schan

Robert & Rachel Schmoyer Family
In memory of Barry R Wenrich

John & Susan Schulteis
The Schulteis Family

Janet Seitz
In memory of Terry Seitz

Michael & Frances Seligson
Mike & Fran Seligson

Harold Sensenig
Harold Sensenig

Lisa Shenck
Dino Villarreal and Family

Diane Shenk
The Shenks- Bob Diane, Lynne, Rob

Christine Shiffler
In honor of Dotty Hoffman

Martin Siegel & Carolyn Stine
Siegel/Stine Family

Kathy Smith
Jordan Dean Smith

Smith Family
Tom, Kim, Russ and Chase Smith

Arthur & Alta Sowers
Arthur L Sowers Alta M Sowers

George & Elizabeth Spanos
The Spanos Family

Alan & Janice Speaker
In memory of Brian C Speaker

Richard & Lisa Stokes
Rev. & Mrs. Robert Stokes

Susquehanna Bank PA
Susquehanna Bank

Robert & Jane Swartz
Jane M Swartz Robert L Swartz

Thomas & Jennifer Swavely
The Swavely Family

Phyllis Switaj
Phyllis Switaj East Shore Circ

Jeff & Susan Taylor
Jeff & Susan Taylor

Bobbie Jo Trowbridge
In memory of Natalie Celsky

Gary & Gail Trowbridge
Gary & Gail Trowbridge

Ron & Amee Vance
Ron & Amee Vance Andy, Marty, Dan

Ed & Mary Jane Wagner
Happy Reading! Ed & MJ Wagner

Wallett's Flooring
Wallett's Flooring

Kenneth & Winifred Walters
Mose and Winnie Walters

Gary & Debbie Weaver
Debbie & Gary Weaver

Stephen & Charlene Weicksel
Life, “Be in it.” C & S Weicksel

Gregory & Susan Wert
Wert Family Sue Greg, Sam & Brad

The Wiles Family
The Wiles Family

David & Cher Williams
David & Cher Williams

Rob & Sendy Williams
The Williams Family

Susan H. Williams
Dave Sue John Logan and Aaron

Herb & Ann Witmer
Ann & Herb Witmer

Ned & Eleanor Witmer
Ned & Elee Witmer


Double Brick Donors

Kevin & Cathi Alloway
Kevin & Cathi Chris & Lauren Alloway

Joseph & Stacy Amey
Dedicated to Grant Russell Amey
& Grant B. Engle

Ann & Dave Angle
The Angle Family Dave Ann Matt Sara

Miriam E. Baker
In honor of Ken and Pam Baker
Marie and Emily

In honor of Krista Jakubik and
Andy Katie Joseph

Jack Banks
In memory of Julie B Banks
Jack, Emily

Leslie Berger
In memory of Shirley Patrick
Friends in the Poconos

Russell Bricker, Jr.
The Bricker’s
Russell Sr. & Mae Russell Jr. Ryan Lee

Arlene Brightbill
Arlene G “Lene” Brightbill
WAF Korean War Veteran

Matt & Beulah Chabal
Chabal Family
Matt, Beulah Sarah, Matthew

Daniel & Sue Collins & Family
Daniel & Sue Collins and Family

Brad & Barbara Cosey
Kokomo Open Friends and Family

Elizabeth Dahmus
In memory of Joseph Dahmus
In honor of Mildred Dahmus

The Dahmus Family
Bob, Sue, Jessica, Emma, Joseph,
& John Dahmus

Bob & Mary Pat DeWitt
Kimberly Ann Jennifer Lynn
Elizabeth Rose DeWitt

Adam & Dawn Dillon
Fenical Cousins Mason Dillon, Logan, Ashton & Ann Greytak

Chris & Rebecca Dunlap
Dunlap Family
Chris and Becky Amy and Scott

East Hanover Elementary School
East Hanover Elementary School

Jon & Sue Gardner
Sue and Jon Gardner Chris Tim Lad Forever Friends

Shawn & Laura Gingrich
In honor of Peter, Sarah, Christian
and Aaron Gingrich

Cherryl & Michael Good
Mike, Cherryl, and Chris Good Cathleen
& Jeff DiCello

Ty Graden
Ty Graden Tania Graden
Thomas Graden Matthew Graden

Robert & Joan Griffith
Griffith Family Robert and Joan Curt,
Ellen, Kent

James & Cynthia Harty
James & Cynthia Nicholas
& Catherine Harty

William Heffley
William M Heffley MD Hummelstown Physician
1959 to 1999

Susan Hillbish
In memory of Richard S II
James J Jr Piergallini

Ricky & Beth Hoffman
Rick, Beth, Rebecca & Rachel Hoffman

Carol E. Hubler
Esther Kauffman Story Teller 1979 to 1989 by her family

Hummelstown Civic Association
Hummelstown Civic Association 2010

Hummelstown Golden Age Club
The Hummelstown Golden Age Club Organized 1956

Roy & Dorothy Jarrett
Jarrett – Roy Dorothy – Mark Steven – Terry
Keith – Michelle

Christine L. Kantner
Christine L. Kantner and Joseph M. Bell *******

Dean Kerlin
In memory of Billee R. Kerlin

Kim Kulina
80 years strong Donald Beam
August 15, 2008
The Kulinas

Mark & Megan Lauer
Mark Megan Zach Austin Jake
and Abby Lauer

Clayton Lausch Family
Lausch Family Clayton & Arlene Larry, Lorna, Lena & Lola

Jack Lewis & Family
Jack Lewis & Family in memory of
Millie Lewis

Lower Dauphin Communities That Care
Lower Dauphin Communities That Care

Harry & Gloria Mader
Brittany Mader Wade Mader
Abbey Hinson Thomas Hinson
For many years of reading fun with
S.H. Kids Gloria S. Mader

Alan Malkoff
Alan and Ann Malkoff

J. Philip Mathias
In memory of our Parents John & Gladys
Mathias Stu Phil Sue

Paula McCreary
The McCreary Family Brett and Paula
Dan and Shannon

Mountz Family
Mountz Family Marshall & Betty Marsha, Beckey, Greg, Scott, Matt

Bob & Fran Munzenrider
Owen, Griffin, and Wren Tao Munzenrider

David & Geraldine Myers
Myers Family Gerry and Dave Kent Kyle Kris S L H C F G

Kristie Myers-Swanger
Deacon Roscoe
God bless you and your ministry

Jeff Patrick
Loving Memory of our mother Shirley Patrick – Her Children

Sandra Peck and Charles Lovendusky
In honor of Charles M. and
Frances Lovendusky

Gary & Ellen Perry
The Perry’s Ellen Gary Nick Tasha Maggie

Phil Rainey
Polly Grumbine Rainey
Philander Hartwell Rainey

Patricia Judy Pamela Judith Phil Jr.
Mary Lynne Rainey

Maryella & Grover Rainey Lottie Giboney & Frank Grumbine

Ada & Jane Hartwell Philander Ward Hartwell The Sun

Richard Hughes Hartwell
Margaretta Good Hartwell

Neal & Linda Rhoads
Neal, Linda, and Laurie Rhoads

Victor & Jean Rohrer
Victor & Jean Rohrer and Family

Judith M. Schaffner
Judge Herbert A. Schaffner

Robert & Karen Schankweiler
Robert and Karen Schankweiler

Greg & Jean Seitz
Seitz Family Greg, Jean, Alexandra,
and Madison

Sharon, Clint, & Samantha Sheehan
Loving Memory Stephen Sheehan by
Sharon, Clint & Sammy Sheehan

Carl & Melissa Shultz
In loving memory of Bill Linda &
Holly Studenroth

South Hanover Elementary
South Hanover Elementary
Where Everybody Counts!

Ken & Ann Staver
Ken & Ann Staver Family

Toys On The Square
Toys On The Square

Jerry & Diann Tressler
Tressler Family Jerry and Diann Matt
& Heather Jaime & Stephen

United Water Pennsylvania

Rebecca Warble
In memory of Betty J. Warble

Woodmen of the World Hershey Lodge 364
Woodmen of the World Life Insurance –
Lodge 364 Hershey

Susan H. Williams
In memory of Mary L Williams
In honor of Karl M Williams

Ian & Eileen Zagon
Eileen and Ian Zagon
In memory of Bea and Bert Zagon
In memory of Bess and Ben Kostel


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