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Graduation Resources

Wednesday June 1st, 2022

Not only does May bring flowers, but it also brings Graduation. 

Graduation | Piedmont Virginia Community College 

Graduation can mean the completion of a course of study, but it also infers the beginning of the next chapter in your life.  This could be continuing with education thru college or a trade school or the beginning of a new job. If the latter is your goal, have you created or updated a resume?  

The Library has some great on-line resources to assist you with your resume. 

Go to our home page @ www.dcls.org 

Under Research and Resources, scroll to Job Help Center  

My Library 


Job Help Center 

Job search, resume and cover letter resources are located under the Applications and Resumes heading.  Once you have a resume created, you can actually submit it to Tutor.com and someone will review it for you.  Tutor.com can be reached under Applications and Resumes or under Research and Resources- Research and School Tools   


Or: https://lhh.tutor.com/?ProgramGUID=4b2429f3-b2b9-45ec-9535-6716119aad98 


You can also find books on resumes in the non-fiction section of your local Library in sections  650.1 and 331.1. Books and ebooks on resumes can be found by searching the Library catalog using phrases such as “job hunting”, “resumes”, “resume writing”- just click on which format suits your search. 



Take a moment to look at the other resources under Job Help Center.  There are career and job training and job search resources, interviewing techniques, etc. 

Hopefully these resources will help prepare you for your next goal in life. 

Kim works in Information Services at The Library

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