• 2013 Annual Report

    The Year in Numbers

    ar 2013 library heart

    The Library is the HEART of the Community.

    The number of library visitors seeking books, jobs, magazines, computers, storytimes, family programs, eBooks, research tools and more was higher than ever this year.



     ar 2013 visitors

    1.3 million Library users visited 729,283 times in person and 643,443 via the website.

    3,787 visitor passes were issued to non-cardholders/out-of-town visitors

    801 community meetings were held at The Library, with 13,891 attending



    ar 2013 library card10,722 new cards were issued and there were 119,609 library cardholders

    Millions of books! (and other items) borrowed

    Library users borrowed items more than 1.2 million times

    494,077 children’s items

    744,753 adult items

    Top 3

    Adult Print:


    Juvenile Print:


    Adult Music:


    Juvenile Music:


    Adult DVD:


    Juvenile DVD:



    ar 2013 clockService Hours

    16,962 open library hours for the community

    227 volunteers donated 8,204 hours of their time to The Library


    ar 2013 calendar


    44,060 people were reached through library programs

    27,232 of them were children

    That’s 75 kids for every day of the year

    Highest attendance:

    East Shore Area Library

    William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library

    Children enjoyed a variety of educational and fun programs, special performances, and activities at the 2013 Summer Reading Club Fun Festival:


    ar 2013 outreach


    13,038 children, who might not have been able to come to the library otherwise, were reached through Outreach programs.

    There were 2,478 outreach visits—equivalent to 47 visits for every week of the year.


    ar 2013 electric

    The Library Electric

    994,251 public computing sessions. That is equivalent to 113 sessions for every hour of the year

    2,573,304 database searches

    149 public computers available

    411,605 items downloaded

    DCLS.org - The Library Website

    The following were the most-viewed pages on The Library's website in 2013:


    ar 2013 qaYou Asked...We Answered

    92,072 questions were asked of library staff

    Top 15 areas of inquiry were:

    • History
    • Science
    • Medical issues
    • Literary criticism
    • Position papers on social issues
    • Consumer Reports/product information
    • Author biographies
    • Schools, scholarships, financial aid
    • Reference USA
    • Starting a business
    • Nursing home and assisted living facilities
    • Legal issues
    • Psychology
    • Genealogy and obituaries
    • Miscellaneous


    ar 2013 fanmailFan Mail!

    (Notes from library users)

    I Love The Library Because ...

    "They help with my tech challenges and they’re the best deal in town!" — Terrie

    "The library is a place of amazing resources of all sorts of people, places and things that enable us to be forever learners!" — Mrs. Roshaye “Treasy” Johnson

    "You can get cool animal books." — Maison Ferroe


    ar 2013 friendsFriends

    The Library loves its Friends

    416 Friends of the Library members

    6 Friends of the Library Groups



    Click here to see the 2013 donors.




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