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    Can’t Find Your Favorite Author?

    missing titles ebook marketplaceWe’d love to have the latest eBooks by Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, Bill O’Reilly, Rick Riordan, and many more.

    However, many publishers refuse to sell eBooks to libraries. Or, they sell them at inflated prices (100 to 300% more) or with borrowing restrictions that require libraries to purchase the same title again and again.

    We are confused and frustrated by publishers’ unwillingness to allow libraries to be part of a fair eBook marketplace. The American Library Association and representatives from major libraries across the country are negotiating with publishers to resolve this issue so that we can expand the selection of eBooks we offer.

    We also know that use of our eBook service is not always simple or smooth; going to another site to download eBooks is a step we want to help you avoid. The Dauphin County Library System has joined with nearly 200 library systems from the U.S. and Canada to demand improved eBook services for library users. We’ve signed a joint statement, the ReadersFirst initiative, that calls for eBook content providers and distributors to make it easier for you to download eBooks.

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    Find out how the Big Six Publishers are handling eBooks and libraries:

    Take Action!

    Send an email to publishers asking them to allow libraries to participate fairly in the eBook marketplace.

    • Subject Line: Fair eBook Marketplace for Libraries
    • Send a copy of your email to the Dauphin County Library System at EventsCoordinator@dcls.org.

    Publishers' Email Addresses

    Hachette Book Group: customer.service@hbgusa.com

    Macmillan Publishing: customerservice@mpsvirginia.com

    Penguin Group: librariansden@us.penguingroup.com

    HarperCollins Publisher: spsales@harpercollins.com

    Random House, Inc.: library@randomhouse.com

    Simon & Schuster: www.simonandschuster.com/about/contact_us (online email form)

    Suggested Message:

    I have long supported your company with my book purchases and through borrowing books from my local library system, the Dauphin County Library System in Pennsylvania.

    I have recently learned that some publishers refuse to sell eBooks to libraries. Others sell them at exorbitantly high prices, charging 100 to 300% more than I might pay for the same title. Others limit the number of times an eBook can be borrowed to 26 times, and then require the library to purchase the same title again.

    How can you support these policies? Libraries should be able to participate fairly in the eBook marketplace, buying all titles that are available to consumers at reasonable prices.

    Libraries represent some of the core values of our country — the freedom to read, the freedom to learn, and universal access to books.

    Please consider changing your policy and allow libraries to be part of a fair and open eBook marketplace.

    Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


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