• Thanks Given for Volunteers

    It seems we can never say thank you enough to those who make major differences in our lives.  This is truly the case when we consider the volunteers at DCLS.  All across Dauphin County, volunteers have made a commitment to us.  They come out of their love for literature, or the need to simply give back.  They bring an energy, vitality and cheerfulness that brightens our day and eases our workload. They make it possible for us to do so much more for Library patrons.   “Many hands make light work” whether it is in attaching labels, making deliveries in the District, filling kindergarten and new patron bags, emptying the book drop, or dusting shelves.  Tasks are never ending, and always changing. How wonderful for DCLS that a volunteer stands ready to help - wherever needed - on the task at hand.

    There are so many reasons why we are thankful for volunteers.  Over one hundred volunteers each year donate over five thousand hours of service.  On average, DCLS benefits from one hundred and fifteen volunteer hours each week.  Volunteers help us sustain a highly accessed gateway to resources for patrons of all ages, learning levels, and economic status.  They enable DCLS to function as community centers across the County – showcasing the arts, encouraging civic engagement, providing information on local culture, and making social connections possible seven days a week, year round.  Over time volunteers become our representatives, our advocates, our tie to the community by way of their awareness and outreach outside our highly-used, hard-working, vital Library spaces. 

    The value of our Volunteer Program is evident in the attention paid to it.  An effective volunteer program enhances our ability to provide quality services to the public.  Volunteers make it possible for us to meet our mission.  DCLS seeks to actively engage volunteers, maximize the benefits, provide positive experiences, and to properly recognize our volunteers by expressing appreciation in different ways.

    Words of praise and gratitude are coupled with informal correspondence and thank you notes expressing our appreciation or concern at appropriate times throughout the year.   In April, during National Volunteer Month, we hold the annual DCLS Service Excellence Awards Dinner (SEAD) and recognize an exemplary volunteer.  This poster child for the volunteer program is praised, endowed with an inscribed award, treated to dinner, and subsequently nominated to other volunteer recognizing agencies in the region. In May DCLS hosts a formal reception in honor of those providing over fifteen hours of service over the year.   In addition to Certificates of Appreciation, these volunteers are recognized with an item added to the Collection in their honor.  Special commemorative book-plates mark the selections, which can be found in the volunteer’s home Library.

    At this time of year, it seems appropriate to say again, in thanksgiving, praise for all you do.  Thank you for giving of your time and efforts.  We value your service year round, but at this time of year, when we think of all the things for which we are grateful, it seems appropriate to say it one more time.  Everyone at DCLS says “Thank you, Volunteers”.   And Happy Thanksgiving!

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