• Dr. Dewrong's Exploding Table Adventure


    You hear a man shout as an explosion in a nearby room erupts. 


    You run down the hall towards the commotion.


    You enter the room and see a man on the floor with his supplies and papers in a heap. His table lands on its side with a thud.

    "Oh dear!" he mutters, dusting his pants and shirt as he stands. Smoke clouds his glasses. He wipes his hand across his glasses so he can see the mess.

    adventure explode office

    What you may not know is that Dr. Melvil Dewrong, the scientist in question, didn't go to medical school and nobody would let him near them in an emergency. He's not that kind of doctor. He got his college degree in library science but always wanted to pursue other types of science as well. He works at your school so that he can learn more about science. The problem is that he is a klutz and always makes silly mistakes while conducting his experiments.

    "If it wasn't for that last bottle of powder I knocked over, I would have been finished!" the scientist mumbles. He ties the shoelace that must have been the cause of his accident.

    He begins reassembling his workstation.

    "Could you please help me?" he asks. "I could really use an assistant. My name is Dr. Melvil Dewrong. I'm pleased to meet you."



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