• Dig Into: Summer Reading Club Events

    This year’s Summer Reading Club, “Dig Into Reading” features a wide variety of programs for children of all ages and their families. Many programs require registration, but not all. Check out the programs being offered and “Dig Into Reading” at The Library!

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    Book Swap Bingo: Unearth a Treasure! (Ages 7-12)

    This perennial favorite is back! Bring a gently used book to donate as a prize. Then play bingo to win a book that someone else has already enjoyed reading.


    Dig Into Science (Ages 7-11)

    Dig into this interactive, hands-on “journey” to the center of the Earth. Begin your travels looking at the Earth’s crust to help determine the best starting point. Experiment with volcanoes and learn about pressure. Explore the deepest cave in South Africa and make instant ‘crystals’ as you learn about stalagmites and stalactites. As you dig deeper, you will discover tectonic plates and imagine the viscosity of liquid rock. Make ‘silly putty’ to feel how a substance can seem to be a solid, yet still flow very slowly. Then continue through the mantle, outer core and inner core with a chance to play with magnets and compare them to our very own large magnet, Earth. This program is funded by The Whitaker Fund for Science and Math, a special initiative of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities.


    Dino Dig (Ages 6-12)

    Field Paleontologist Mike and Roberta Straka will take you on a scientific exploration highlighting the world of dinosaurs, fossils and rocks/minerals. Each year the team explores the badlands of North and South Dakota excavating dinosaurs. This fun-filled show will cover the formation of fossils, herbivores vs. carnivores, basics of geology (rocks and minerals). The team will discuss their work as field paleontologist and background in geology. The presentation will feature Mr. Nixon, an eight foot Triceratops skull they discovered in 1996. An Albertosaurus skull will highlight the features of a carnivore. Original music, songs, show & tell with rare fossils, a touch of magic, a puppet and the “Dinosaur Game Show” will round out the program.


    Discover Duct Tape: Can You DIG It? (Ages 7-12)

    What can you make with duct tape and recycled items? You’d be amazed. You can make purses, wallets, belts, flip-flops and more. You are only limited by your imagination - and the end of the roll.

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    Family Movie Time (All Ages)

    Bring your family, relax and enjoy a movie together! Drinks and snacks are provided at these free family friendly features. All movies are rated PG. Recommended for children ages 6 and up. No registration required. Selections include: Spiderwick Chronicles, Odd Life of Timothy Green, Fairy Tale: A True Story and Journey to the Center of the Earth.


    Fossils! (Ages 7-12)

    Have you ever found a fossil? In this exciting, hands-on program kids will learn about what fossils are, and see many examples up close. Then kids can grab a trowel and fossil screen to sift for their own real fossils to take home.


    Little Ones (Ages 2-5)

    We’ve dug up this program just for our smallest friends! Stories, songs, art and creative play will help your little one explore the world around them. There will be programs on construction, dinosaurs and gardening.

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    PAWS 2 Read (Ages 7-11)

    Join certified therapy dogs and read for fun. This special program encourages reluctant readers to read to the easiest, most willing audience – a dog. Each child will have an opportunity to read to the dog for about 15 minutes. Registration for this program is by appointment. Please contact Jeffrey Swope, Youth Services Programming & Outreach Coordinator at 566-0949 ext 218 to reserve your spot.

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    Reader's Theatre Performance (Ages 3-8)

    This award-winning program is back for the 8th summer. Come to The Library and be introduced to stories, music and activities to dig deep into your imagination. Talented teens will star as reading role-models and perform a crowd-pleasing Readers Theater skit.


    Reader's Theatre Youth Volunteers (Ages 11-18)

    What is Reader’s Theater? Open to everyone ages 11-18, it’s a play where you act out a role, but you read your part from a script so you don’t need to memorize any lines. Training and rehearsal is required for all volunteers. Then you get to be a reading role-model as you put on a special performance for a preschool audience.


    Stuffed Animal Sleepover (Ages 3-8)

    You can't sleep over at The Library, but your favorite stuffed animal can! Bring your stuffed animal (just one please) to The Library the day before this program. Come back the next day to pick up your furry, feathered or scaled friend. You will share a Storytime, see a slide show of what your favorite friend was up to overnight and enjoy a snack. You will also make a special gift just for your stuffed friend. Wait until you see what your friend was up to during their night at The Library!

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    Summer Reading Fun: The Underground Edition (Ages 2-12)

    Join in the summer reading fun with this program that delves into the world of the underground. This exciting program is full of fun activities, crafts and more that explore how to Dig Deep this summer!


    Try Tie Dye: Deep Down Design (Ages 7-12)

    What says summer more than bright colors and fun? Bring an item that’s been washed and is ready to dye: t-shirt, pillowcase, canvas bag, or bandana. Don’t forget your imagination!


    Zany Days @ The Library: This Program Rocks! (Ages 2-12)

    Remember Freaky Fridays? This year we’re having Zany Days! Stories, crafts, games and more await you at this crazy, kooky, silly…zany program that will rock you!


    Zoo America: Hidden Homes (Ages 7-12)

    Discover a world of animals that make their homes in hidden places – in burrows and caves and tucked into crevices. Featuring snakes, spiders, birds and beasts this program will leave you wondering what's living hidden in the world around you.


    Summer Reading Fun Festival

    Join us for this special end of summer reading fun festival to celebrate the end of summer reading. This special event is just for our readers. There are two different ways to earn your way in. First – children who complete the reading program and earn their certificate can use the certificate as their “pass” to get into the final festival. Or, children who complete their "Club Card" can use it as their “pass” to get into the final festival. There will be activities, food, games, face painting, balloon animals, special performers and so much more.


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