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    Have you registered your organization or community group for meeting room use in 2016? Use the registration link below to register to use our meeting rooms. If you have questions about this process please call Christina Lauver at 234-4961 x 114.

    Registering to Use Meeting Rooms:

    To be eligible to reserve a meeting room the person, group, or organization must register annually with The Library using the registration form below and provide a copy of a Certificate of Insurance or a signed copy of the Meeting Room Agreement. The contact person registering must be age 18 or older, a resident of Dauphin County service area, and have a DCLS library card, in good standing. Please read the Meeting Room Policy before you fill out the registration form. Any library staff member can help you to register and reserve meeting rooms at The Library.

    Meeting Room Registration Form

    Meeting Room Agreement

    How to Reserve a Meeting Room

    After you or your organization has registered you will be able to reserve meeting rooms according to the following schedule:

    Starting December 1st

    for meetings during January, February and March

    Starting March 1st

    for meetings during April, May and June

    Starting June 1st

    for meetings during July, August and September

    Starting September 1st

    for meetings during October, November and December
    • Check the Meeting Room Calendar for room availability.
    • Click on the “Request a Meeting Room” link at the top of the Rooms & Reservations pages
    • Once the reservation has been submitted a Meeting Room Reservation confirmation email will be sent to you within 2 days from a Library staff member.

    >> Contact a Staff member about making changes to a confirmed reservation.

    >> Reserve a Meeting Room

    Meeting Room Information

    Available Meeting Rooms and Maximum Occupancy


    Meeting Rooms
    Maximum Occupancy

    East Shore Area Library

    Room A
    Room B
    Room A & B

    Elizabethville Area Library


    Kline Library


    Northern Dauphin Library

    John P. Nestor Community Room

    Madeline L. Olewine Memorial Library

    H. B. & Grace Alexander Community Room

    McCormick Riverfront Library

    Jean E. Pugh Community Room

    William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library

    Anna M. Rintz Community Room (Room A towards parking)
    Anna M. Rintz Community Room (Room B towards kitchen)
    Anna M. Rintz Community Room (Room A & B)
    The Solarium
    Conference Room

    Things to keep in mind about using our Meeting Rooms:

    1. The time of the program/meeting must correspond to the open hours of the library up to a half an hour before closing
    2. In the event a meeting is canceled, the meeting organizer must notify the Library Manager 24 hours in advance or earlier so that the space may be made available to others
    3. Persons responsible for the meeting room are required to sign-in at the front desk prior to using the room and sign-out after the room is inspected by library staff.
      • Certificate of Insurance or Meeting Room Agreement (indemnifying agreement), must be presented at the time of check-in.
    4. Due to insurance considerations and the safety of the public and staff, candles, incense or any other smoke or flame-producing devices are not permitted to be used in any area of the library. In addition, exercise programs and classes may not be held in library meeting rooms.
    5. If a meeting room is unavailable, a small group may meet elsewhere in the library, provided it does not interfere with general library business or programs.
    6. Repeated use of meeting room and library facilities is limited to twice a month system-wide, to allow all members of the community the opportunity to use the facilities. Written permission from the Public Services Director is required for use of the facilities with greater frequency or for consecutive days.
    7. The Library is not responsible for equipment or materials owned by a community group and used in the library. No storage space is available.
    8. All advertisements, announcements, press releases, flyers, etc. relating to meetings must clearly state the meeting is not sponsored by the Dauphin County Library System.
    9. The group, organization or individual making application for use of facilities assumes all responsibility for damage to library property and for leaving the premises in the condition in which it was found, including the arrangement of furnishings and the cleanup of trash. Meeting rooms will be inspected after each meeting. A minimum fee of $40 will be assessed for cleanup, repair or damage to library property, or for special cleaning as determined by DCLS staff. A minimum fee of $40 will be assessed if a room is not vacated by the scheduled time. Damage to the facility will be billed to the group or individual responsible for the room. Damage caused to the room or leaving the room in poor condition could result in restriction from further use.
    10. Payments for kitchen use is paid upon check in.

    Meeting Room Fees and Sales in a Meeting Room:

    The use of meeting rooms is free of charge as long as the meetings or programs are open to the public, are free of charge, and do not generate revenue. If revenue is generated, the fee for each meeting room used or reserved is $40 per hour per room (at the East Shore Area Library, Rooms A & B combined have a fee of $60 per hour. At the William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family library Room A & B combined have a fee of $60 per hour). Revenue is defined as proceeds from sales, admission or attendance fees, or tuition by a non-profit, for-profit, or governmental organization, group, or agency. This includes “free” educational programs which intend to generate future revenues for the presenter(s).

    An exception is made for profit-making endeavors held for the benefit of the library. An organization or individual wishing to charge a fee or to sell items or services for the benefit of the library must obtain written permission from the Executive Director before such an event occurs.

    No reservation is final until payment is received. Payment is requested one week prior to use of room.

    The East Shore Area Library and the William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library have kitchenettes available for use by organization for a $10 fee. Kitchenettes are supplied with an oven, stove, refrigerator, sink, and microwave (coffee pot at AFL). Groups serving food and/or beverages must provide their own dishes, cups, utensils, and napkins. All groups using library kitchen equipment are responsible for cleaning it up.

    Statement of Principle:

    The Dauphin County Library System is a limited public forum and provides meeting room space for library system programs and for other meetings and programs of an informational, educational, cultural, business or civic nature. All groups, not-for-profit and for-profit, are invited to apply for use of the library system’s meeting rooms.

    Dauphin County Library System subscribes to the principles set forth in the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights as reaffirmed January 23, 1996.

    The Dauphin County Library System provides meeting room space as a public service but does not endorse the view or opinions of groups utilizing these facilities.

    Meetings held in the libraries are considered public meetings and open to all wishing to attend, subject to health and safety requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry for public gatherings. A schedule of meeting room bookings is posted publicly.

    Meeting Room Privileges:

    Organizations not fulfilling their obligations as stated in this and other library system policies and procedures may be denied use of the library’s meeting room facilities until such time as these obligations have been met to the library system’s satisfaction.


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