• 2011

    Dottie & Henry Swartz Volunteer Excellence Award

    Jack Snodgrass
    A volunteer at Kline Library for two years, Jack helps the staff accomplish more things than they would have time to do without his help. Whether it’s shelving books or watering flowers, his willingness to do whatever is needed always with a smile and a wry sense of humor, is outstanding. Jack’s spirit helps boost morale and everyone looks forward to seeing him on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He sets an excellent example for staff and other volunteers alike with his persistence, encouraging words and attention to detail. The Library is grateful to Jack for all his efforts and dedication.


    Katherine M. Myers Distinguished Service Award

    Jenny Worley
    Jenny Worley is the 2011 recipient of the Katherine M. Myers Distinguished Service Award. Jenny began her career with The Library in 2008 as the Circulation Manager at East Shore Area Library and became the Circulation Coordinator with system wide responsibility in 2011. Flexibility, enthusiasm, commitment, knowledge, and passion are some of the finest qualities that she brings to the table as an employee and a manager. She has built a cohesive team that works together to make The Library a better place. Jenny explains decisions and the reasons behind them and represents frontline staff in a positive way. She isn’t afraid to tackle tough tasks, mastering some of the library’s most complex reporting software and troubleshooting difficult issues. Her support and guidance are valued not only by her staff but by her colleagues throughout The Library.


    Sara Haldeman Haly Award Person of the Year

    Carole DeSoto
    Carole DeSoto has provided volunteer and financial resources to support a wide variety of educational, cultural, and general community improvement initiatives throughout Dauphin County. She served on The Library’s Board of Trustees for a combined total of 23 years between 1986 and 2011. Carole has also served many other local organizations, including the Northern Dauphin YMCA, Harrisburg YMCA, Elizabethville Area Recreation Association and the Beautification Committee. She is also very involved with the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art where she currently serves as the Chairperson of the Arts and Entertainment Committee and a Co-Chair of the Amphitheater Capital Campaign Committee.  In 2006, Carole established an endowment that funds the Elizabethville Area Library Arts Series, which is dedicated to presenting arts and cultural programming for the enjoyment of the residents of northern Dauphin County. The series provides free programming each year that celebrates the various aspects of the arts. Both local and nationally recognized artists (authors and performers) are featured. Carole is a role model in her dedication to education and the arts in Dauphin County.

    Sara Haldeman Haly Award Organization of the Year

    PNC Foundation
    The PNC Foundation, through the local PNC Financial Services Group and PNC Bank, has been a long-time partner with The Library for various initiatives related to early learning. They have helped The Library to promote the Born-to-Read program, supported the Summer Reading Club through the EITC program, and provided Sesame Street growth charts for free distribution to children via their Grow Up Great program.

    In 2011, the Foundation provided The Library a two-year grant in support of For Me, For You, For Later, that enables The Library to bring the public a series of financial education programs targeted at preschool children and their families. These programs focus on teaching children the importance of spending, saving, and charitable giving, and involve stories, activities, play with appropriate toys and, of course, books.

    In addition, The Library is able to purchase books on the topic of financial education for its collection that can be borrowed by families to keep the concepts and learning alive at home. The funding also allows the library system to develop and deliver outreach kits that can be taken to community child care agencies, Head Start, and other locations where youth librarians can offer the program to children who may not be able to visit a library.

    PNC Foundation and the Grow Up Great program are committed to helping all children reach their full potential, a goal shared by The Library. Over the years, they have been a dedicated partner of The Library. The For Me, For You, For Later grant program is exemplary of their commitment to early learning and literacy.


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