• 2005

    Organization of the Year

    Tri-County OIC
    Tri-County OIC is being recognized for their ongoing partnering with DCLS on the annual summer reading program.  The partnership between DCLS and Tri-County OIC has allowed the summer reading program to reach a much broader range of children, including children who might not otherwise have sufficient encouragement to read or those children who face economic or learning impediments.  Tri-County OIC has supported the DCLS summer reading program for many years, helping to provide children with reading prizes and incentives, aiding the library system in offering special programs in support of summer reading and allowing DCLS to facilitate special sessions for their constituency.

    Impact Award

    Senator Jeffrey Piccola and Representative Ron Buxton
    Dauphin County Library System worked with Senator Jeffrey Piccola and Governor Ridge to have funds put into the state capital budget fund to assist with the many branch construction and renovation projects in the system.  This included the new Northern Dauphin Library, renovations to the historic Walnut Street facility, the new Madeline L. Olewine Memorial Library, improvements to the East Shore Area Library, and the new, soon to be built, Hummelstown facility.  As those who work with these requests know, there are always many more projects put into the capital budget bill than monies to fund them.  Getting the money released is not an easy task.  In the capital region, there are many projects included in the state bill, and ours was one of "the many."  In a bi-partisan effort, Representative Ron Buxton and Senator Jeffrey Piccola were successful in having $2.3 million released from this fund to the Dauphin County Library System. 

    Volunteer of the Year

    Dottie Swartz
    Without a dedicated group of volunteers, the Dauphin County Library System just could not function.  It is with much gratitude that we present the 2006 "Volunteer of the Year Award," for her commendable dedication to volunteer service, to Mrs. Dottie Swartz.

    Dottie has been a volunteer at the East Shore Area Library since 1967, when the library, then called the Colonial Park Branch, first opened in the Colonial Park Mall.  Dottie currently volunteers 30 to 40 hours a week.  In the past, it was not unusual for Dottie and her late husband, Henry, to put in 50 to 60 hours per week each.  Henry was our "resident book mender."  Dottie trains fellow volunteers to mend, check-in, and shelve materials.  She also works with staff to assess and weed the fiction collection and evaluate donated materials.  Dottie logs the hours of all East Shore Area Library volunteers for our system records.  She has completed 38 years of dedicated volunteer service and continues to be an important contributor to the success of the East Shore Area Library.

    Person of the Year Award

    Bob Hassinger
    Keynote Speaker, Recipient of DCLS 2006 “Person of the Year Award”

    Halifax’s character education initiative has changed the very ethos of Halifax Middle School: it has moved from a place dominated by negative peer pressure to one where students know they will be supported when they have the courage to act responsibly. Learn about Halifax’s highly organized approach to character education where students meet in multi-grade Discovery groups at the beginning and end of each day to have discussions and work on activities that support them in the development of character and conscience. In 2001 The Character Education Partnership recognized Halifax Middle School as a National School of Character. Bob Hassinger has been the Principal of Halifax Middle School for twelve years. He is a graduate of Susquehanna University, Bucknell University, and is presently a doctoral student at Temple University.


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