• Leadership

    William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library


    Connecting the Community in the Heart of Hummelstown

    Steering Committee

    William Jackson, Co-Chair
    Dr. Judith Witmer, Co-Chair
    Marion C. Alexander
    Susan Dahmus
    Jerry Kling
    Patricia Krow
    Barbara Miller
    Marcela Myers
    Jerry Peacock
    Patrice Pettis
    Joan Spire
    Dr. Marian Sutter
    Susan Wert
    Lynne Yost

    DCLS Board of Trustees

    William J. Cologie, President
    Marion C. Alexander
    Dr. Thomas Carey
    Sara Jane Cate
    Steven R. Dade, Esq.
    Carole DeSoto
    Marilynn R. Kanenson
    John D. Killian, Esq.
    Sally Klein
    Deborah Z. Nifong
    Maria B. Persico
    Linda Ruff
    Bruce Senft
    Kenneth R. Shutts, Esq.
    Kathy A. Silks
    Morton Spector
    J. Bruce Walter, Esq.


    Nick DiFrancesco
    Dauphin County Commissioners
    Oversight Commissioner


    DCLS Staff

    Richard Bowra, Executive Director
    Karen Cullings, Community Relations Director
    Lisa Bitterman, Library Services Administrator
    AletaAnn Sultana, Library Manager



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