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    William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library


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    Gold Leaf

    Richard and Patricia Barger
    In memory of Jonathan P. Barger
    Richard & Patricia Barger

    Timothy & Shannon Bastian
    Tim, Shannon, Ryan & Kelly Bastian

    Roger & Colleen Brock
    Roger & Colleen Brock

    Randy & Gwen Curry
    Randy and Gwen Curry in honor of their children Ian and Alex

    The Garrabrant Family
    The Garrabrant Family

    Hartman Electric Inc.
    B. A. Hartman Electric Inc.

    Hershey Federal Credit Union
    Hershey Federal Credit Union Supporting the Community

    Carol Kling
    In loving memory of Jerry Kling
    Carol Ann Kling & The Reeder Family

    In memory of a loving mother, grandmother, and storyteller: Helen M. Wojnar

    Kevin & Pat Melly
    The Melly Family

    The Mountz Family
    In Honor of Marshall and Betty Mountz

    Steve & Linda Rose
    “Library Lovers” Charles & Mary Rose

    In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Guy A. Yeager by daughters Audrey Y. Baker & Mary L. Yeager

    Trunk of Tree

    Friends of William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library


    Jeannette L. Bowser
    In memory of Robert N. Bowser

    Joseph Brightbill
    Elizabeth Brightbill

    Brownstone Dermatology Associates
    Brownstone Dermatology Associates

    Joseph M. Capita
    In memory of Madeline M. and Joseph S. Capita

    Goepfert Eye Associates
    The Goepfert Family

    Will & Mary Hamsher
    Will & Mary Hamsher

    John and Kathleen Pantalone and Family
    John and Kathleen Pantalone and Family

    Dave & Nancy Roeting
    The Roeting Family

    Silver Leaf

    The Alloway Family
    The Alloway Family
    Kevin and Catherine
    Christopher and Lauren

    The Bridge Church
    The Bridge Church

    Jay and Carol Carr
    Jay and Carol Carr

    Linda and Paul Ebright
    In memory of our son, Brian Dec. 6, 1983 – Dec. 18, 2005 by Linda and Paul Ebright

    Fuzzy Few Organization Inc.
    Fuzzy Few Organization

    Kathy Richwine Getz
    In memory of my beloved husband, Robert H. Getz, Jr., who always called Hummelstown home. Kathy R. Getz

    Mrs. Carl Kautz
    In memory of Carl Kautz by his wife Betty

    League of Graduate Women
    League of Graduate Women

    Robert Panco & Natalie Anderson
    For our parents who taught us to read. Rob Panco & Natalie Anderson

    Dean Patrick
    In Loving Memory of Shirley Patrick from her family

    Pyramid Construction Services, Inc.
    Pyramid Construction Services, Inc.

    Joe and Nancy Rothermel
    In honor of our children Sarah Rothermel and Samuel Rothermel – may you be lifelong readers.

    Joe and Nancy Rothermel
    In loving memory of mother, grandmother and storyteller Evelyn Byers

    The Scholfield Family
    Kim, Everett, Noah & Emily Scholfield

    Judy and Brian Straub
    Judy and Brian Straub

    Marian Sutter
    Margaret and Marian Sutter

    Rebecca Warble
    In memory of Mabel E. Warble Sept. 7, 1954 – Sept. 13 2008

    The Guy Weaver Family
    Guy & Micki Weaver
    Matthew Zachary & Sarah

    Bronze Leaf

    Rob Alexander
    Remembering Margaret T. Carey who taught me how to read.

    The Atnip Family
    The Atnip Family

    Miriam Baker
    In memory of Mel Baker by his wife Miriam

    The Bazewicz Family
    The Bazewicz Family

    Kyleen Bender
    In Loving Memory of Our Parents Ruth & Kyle Fisher by daughters Kyleen, Kathe & Karol

    George & Sandy Billow
    George & Sandy Billow

    Stanley M. Brandt Family
    In memory of Charles & Mabel Brandt

    Nina Castillo & Dan Weber
    Nina Castillo & Dan Weber

    Cory & Alan Ceperich
    Cory & Alan Ceperich

    Nancy and Charles Cladel
    Nancy and Charles Cladel

    Daniel & Sue Collins and Family
    Daniel and Sue Collins and Family

    B & B Cosey
    B & B Cosey

    Karen Cullings
    In memory of Anne E. Cullings
    In memory of Brian Lynn Cullings

    The Darowish Family
    The Darowish Family

    Jason, Jessica, Ellie and Chase DeHart
    In loving memory of Elaine Marie DeHart. Love, Jason, Jessica, Ellie and Chase DeHart.

    Deanne, Beth & Meredith Endy
    Deanne, Beth & Meredith Endy

    Janice Engle, Lori Engle Kannan, Jan Engle Piede
    In Loving Memory of Irvin M. Engle From His Family.

    Kenneth & Linda Fenical
    In memory of Meg Ellen Fenical B. 05-07-72 D. 05-19-73

    Jean and Jim Fisher Family
    Our remembrance of Bob Panco from his sister Jean and the Fisher Family

    Todd & Nancy Fisher
    Dr. & Mrs. Todd R. Fisher

    Barron Fitz-Gerald
    In honor of Ryan FitzGerald Fanchiotti from Barron Fitz-Gerald

    Mr. & Mrs. S. Walter Foulkrod
    In memory of Mary Daniel from Wally and Trish Foulkrod

    Patricia G. Foulkrod
    In memory of Dr. & Mrs. Park Berkheimer from Trish Foulkrod

    Friends of Hummelstown Community Library
    Friends of the Library

    Brandt & Julie Groh
    The Groh Family

    Margaretta Hartwell
    Richard Hartwell Margaretta Hartwell

    H.E.A.R.T. LDMS
    H.E.A.R.T. Lower Dauphin Middle School

    Hummelstown Lion’s Club
    Hummelstown Lion’s Club

    Robert & Nancy Jones
    Robert & Nancy Jones for Rachel, Rebecca, Aidan & Emma

    Frank & Sandy Kocevar
    Frank and Sandy Kocevar

    Frank & Sandy Kocevar
    Scott, Sharyn and Parker Kocevar

    Donna Koons
    Terry L. Koons
    Donna W. Koons
    Todd A. Koons
    Drue Anne Koons Verble

    Barb Krasuski & Peter Swan & Family
    Dedicated to our voracious readers: Margery & Clariece Swan

    Gary & Mary Lauerman
    Keep Reading! The Lauerman Family

    Ken and Karen Lehman
    Ken and Karen Lehman

    Dr. and Mrs. James Malone
    The Malone Family James, Michelle, Ryan, Jonathan, Anna & Lindsay

    Robert & Debora Matthews
    Richard Wise & Mary Sleichter Hummel in honor of their 60th wedding anniversary July 24, 2009 From their family – Mark Hummel, Robert, Debora (Hummel) & Briana Matthews

    McCurdy Family
    Given in honor of René & Jessie McCurdy by their children

    Jean Messner
    Jean T. Messner, M.D.

    Metro Bank
    Metro Bank

    Olin L. Miller Family
    In Loving Remembrance of Olin L. Miller from his family

    Michael T. & Imogene S. Morris
    Michael T. & Imogene S. Morris

    Michael & Donna O’Keefe
    Amber Pinkerton
    Jonathan Pinkerton
    Donna O’Keefe
    Michael O’Keefe

    In memory of Robert Panco from Family and Friends

    Joanne Peters & Family
    Our remembrance of Bob Panco from his sister Joanne Peters and her family

    The Petrina Family
    In loving memory of Irene and Rudy Petrina from their family.

    Phyllis Schaeffer
    In memory of Miles and Ofilia (Taraschi) Schaeffer

    Jane Heisey Serio
    In loving memory of Jacob & Clare Heisey from Jane Heisey Serio

    Richard & Nancy Shertzer
    In honor of our children Rich & Emily whose love for learning & books was nurtured by the Hummelstown Story Hour

    The Teachers and Staff at South Hanover Elementary

    Dr. & Mrs. Paul S. Stoner & Family
    In memory of Russell & Grace Stoner

    Don and Jo-Ann Tanberg
    Don and Jo-Ann Tanberg

    James & Mary Ellen Tarman
    Mary Ellen & James E. Tarman

    Wagner’s Insurance Agency
    Wagner’s Insurance Agency

    Harry & Betty Weber
    Harry B. & Betty G. Weber

    C. Jane & Justin Wenrich
    My Husband, My Father
    In Loving Memory of Barry R. Wenrich 12-14-08
    C. Jane Wenrich & Justin M. Wenrich

    Barry, Janie & Justin Wenrich
    Barry R. Wenrich
    Carole Jane Wenrich
    Justin M. Wenrich

    Judith Witmer
    In gratitude to Florence Mariani from Judith T. Witmer

    Woodmen of the World Life Insurance – Lodge 364 Hershey
    Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Lodge 364 Hershey

    Berwood & Lynne Yost
    Berwood & Lynne Yost and Family

    Yost & Davidson
    Yost & Davidson

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