• Donate Now2nd Century Donors

    We would like to extend a special thank you to the following donors of The Library's 2nd Century Campaign.

    Bill & Marion Alexander

    Wendy Allen

    Catherine Alloway


    Susan L. Anthony

    Claire Aston

    Linda Barton

    Benjamin Olewine, III Charitable Lead Annuity Trust #8

    Janice R. Black

    John Bonawitz Jr.

    Barbara K. Bradshaw

    Patti Bromley

    Mina Buffington

    Virginia W. Bush

    Ronald & Beth Butler

    Thomas P. Carey & Janet M. Sloand

    Sara Jane Cate

    Jody L. Cole

    William J. Cologie

    Community Aid, Inc.

    Gary A. Crissman

    Jerry Russell Croteau, M.D.

    Karen Cullings

    Sally Cummins

    Jonelle Prether Darr

    Carole DeSoto

    Thomas Duszak

    Janelle E. Egan

    Andrew & Megan Enders

    Don & Anna Maria Enders

    James Mooney & Jeff Winterborne

    Kathleen Ferree

    Mark & Tina Fields and Justin & Jenna Bowra

    Fred Fischer

    Second Anonymous In and Out Fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad M. Siegel

    Harvey & Linda Freedenberg

    Friends of Alexander Family Library

    Dorothy Fulton

    Annie Garner

    Dr. & Mrs. Henry Greenawald

    Peggy & Bob Grimm

    Theodore Vedock - Hammel Associates

    Pat Hartranft

    Steven Herb

    Marjorie M. Sherman

    Estate of Marilynn R. Kanenson

    Marilynn R. Kanenson

    Paul G. Kessler

    John Killian

    John & Sally Killian

    Sally Klein

    Josiah W. & Bessie H. Kline Foundation, Inc.

    Diane Klinger

    Knack LLC

    Rick & Jan LeBlanc

    Lois Lehrman Grass

    Rob Lesher

    Mary Ann Long

    Alice Lubrecht

    Anna & Butch Lumpkin

    M&T Charitable Foundation

    Jane D. Marfizo

    Mary Sachs Charitable Trust

    Betty Gault & Frank Masters

    Mary Louise McDowell

    Marjorie McKensie

    Mark & Jane Mendlow

    Nancy Merkel

    Glenn R. Miller

    Robert A. & Mary E. Mills

    Virginia Moore

    Mary L. Moyer

    Christine Mummert

    James & Romney Noone

    Benjamin Olewine, III

    Bill & Linda Parkin

    Sandra Peck

    Rose Mary Phelleps

    S. Wilson and Grace M. Pollock Foundation

    Bonnie Powers

    Jim Raudenbush

    Pamela B. Rhoads

    Jennifer Ross

    Christina Sailors

    Chad Saylor

    Ivan & Christine Sears

    Bruce A. Senft

    Theresa L. Shade Wix

    Marjorie Sherman

    Conrad Siegel

    Kathy Silks

    Alyce & Morton Spector

    The Donald B. & Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation

    Carmella L. Starner

    Jeffrey D. Swope

    Bruce Walter

    Mary Sachs Charitable Trust

    Wevodau Insurance & Benefit Strategies


    Christine Wnuk & Reuel Deppen

    Rose Ann Woldorf

    Mary Clare Zales



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