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Volunteers and their commemorative book titles


Library or Department

Book title added to the DCLS Collection in your honor

Kyle McClure Capital Area Lib.District Traditional Garden Wisdom: Time-Tested Techniques for Creating…
Laurell Tarka Born to Read First Garden: The White House Garden and How It Grew
Richard Bergstrasser East Shore Tomorrow's Garden
Nancy Blosser East Shore Understanding Garden Design
Rosemary Cahill East Shore Orchids for Every Home
Donna Chiavetta East Shore Polymer Clay 101
Shirley Covert East Shore Homegrown Harvest
Rebekah Egresites East Shore If It Makes You Healthy
Henny Freedman East Shore P. Allen Smith's Seasonal Recipes from the Garden
Ginny Geiger East Shore Grilled Cheese Please!
Peter & Marie Gentele East Shore Self Sufficiency
Frances Grimm East Shore Radically Simple
Brenda Huard East Shore Nice House
Emily Mendlow East Shore Stone Designs for the Home
Danielle Nagle East Shore Shed Chic
Susan Peffley East Shore Decorating with Flowers
Charles Press East Shore Handy Dad
Kathleen Provenzano East Shore Cooking in the Moment
Linda Rischoni East Shore A Chicken in Every Yard
Nancy Schwanger East Shore In-Laws, Outlaws, and Granny Flats
Barbara Selgas East Shore The Soul of a House
Ruth Swaney East Shore My Father's Daughter
Nancy Travis East Shore Walls
Kayla Ulrich East Shore Beekeeper's Bible
Jamie Bohner Elizabethville Polymer Clay 101
Linda Matter Elizabethville Welcoming Home Baby
Danielle Miller Elizabethville Weber's Time to Grill
Kourtney Miller Elizabethville River Cottage Every Day
Julia Reyes Elizabethville Keeping Bees with Ashley English
Abaigeal Smith Elizabethville Homegrown Herbs
Sandra Boltz Alexander Family Library Orchids for Every Home
Terrie Godlewski Alexander Family Library No Place Like Home
Jean Groome Alexander Family Library Milk & Cookies
Joyce Grubb Alexander Family Library Vegetable Gardener's Container Bible
Susan Hillegass Alexander Family Library Planting the Wild Garden
Alicia Klaassen Alexander Family Library Gardening In No Time
Gabrielle Longreen Alexander Family Library Bird in the Oven and Then Some
Kristen Means Alexander Family Library Attracting Native Pollinators
Robert Ness Alexander Family Library Shedworking
Hillary Newhart Alexander Family Library Complete Kitchen Garden
Bethany Peters Alexander Family Library My Father's Daughter
Sandra Stoner Alexander Family Library Pocket Neighborhoods
Teresa Baker Kline Library Sugar Baby: Confections, Candies, Cakes…
Lisa Blystone Kline Library Real Simple Dinner Tonight: Done!
Emily Colvin Kline Library 150 Best Eco House Ideas
Vee Edelman Kline Library Encyclopedia of Container Plants
Jean Houseal Kline Library P. Allen Smith's Seasonal Recipes
Michele Rhinehart Kline Library Ice Pop Joy
Jack Snodgrass Kline Library Growing at the Speed of Life
Diamond Williams Kline Library Gardening In No Time
Catherine Zales Kline Library Healthy Cooking at Home
Asia Anderson Madeline Olewine The Edible Front Yard
tyson Crutchfield Madeline Olewine Candice Olson's Kitchens & Baths
Susan Fisher Madeline Olewine How to Grow Food
Ashley Harris Madeline Olewine Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home
Kristy Landis Madeline Olewine New Natural Home
Cherie Misas Madeline Olewine Chicken and Egg
Cheryl Peters Madeline Olewine If It Makes You Healthy
Lori Radiss Madeline Olewine Landscaping for Your Home
Jeremy Stern Madeline Olewine Practical Green Remodelling
Marilyn Urie Madeline Olewine Home Herbal
Celia Walsh Madeline Olewine Super Natural Every Day
Maria Koontz Northern Dauphin Traditional Garden Wisdom: Time-Tested Techniques for Creating…
Ellen Valovage Northern Dauphin Self Sufficiency
Renee Nunnally McCormick Riverfront Weber's Time to Grill
Hajir Razlansari McCormick Riverfront DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner
Carol Rosenberg McCormick Riverfront Babycakes Covers the Classics: Gluten Free Vegan Recipes from Donuts to Snickerdoodles


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