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    Internet Safety

    The Internet has lots of great information and fun things to do, but there are also dangerous things online. To be safe, you need to follow some guidelines. Click here to go to ipl2.

    • If something you see on the Internet scares you or makes you uncomfortable, stop what you’re doing, and get your parent or a librarian to help you.

    • Don’t ever give personal information to someone you meet online. Personal information includes your first and last names, your address, your phone number, your email address, your parents’ names, the name of your school, and more.

    • Never meet someone in person that you met online. If someone suggests it, talk to your parents about the best way to respond.

    • Talk to your parents before typing any personal information on the Internet. This includes filling in registration forms on websites.

    • Talk to your parents about the sites you visit on the Internet and the people you meet. It’s the best way for you to stay safe.

    • Visit some of these sites to learn more about surfing safely.

    Surf Swell Island



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